Cool Waters

Imagine a book that is a collection of unique cocktail recipes. But the cocktail recipes don’t contain any caffeine, added sugar, excessive calories, or even alcohol. Each one is designed to be easy to prepare and, aside from a few simple exceptions, don’t require any cooking. What makes the beverages in this book unique is that they are composed mostly of water, yet taste great. Each one is guaranteed to be interesting and go well with food (and other drinks as well). As a bonus, your friends and family won’t know what hit them the next time they pick up a drinking glass at your house.

Go into any convenience store and check out the seemingly endless variety of cold drinks on display there. A veritable flood of beverages has hit the market in the past few years, many of them claiming to boost energy levels, taste great, rehydrate, replenish vitamins and electrolytes, or make you irresistible to everyone. The reality is many of these designer drinks contain sugar (or worse yet, artificial sweeteners), artificial colors, and chemicals your body doesn't need. So what to do when plain water just won't cut it but you don't want the added calories or man-made ingredients found in many 'enhanced' waters? Simple - make your own flavored water in the comfort of your own kitchen, composed of only the ingredients you choose.

Cool Waters is the definitive guide to making flavored water at home - start with clean, pure water, add a few ingredients, chill and enjoy. Most of the recipes require only a few minutes to prepare and three or four common ingredients. It is truly a simple thing to do, and the results will be absolutely refreshing!

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